tooth care

Focused approach towards overall dental hygiene. 


Top-notch Botox treatments for temporomandibular joints, migraine, parafunctional jaw movements.

high quality at affordable costs

High-quality treatments at budget-friendly prices. 



cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry includes all treatments focusing on the improvement in dental aesthetics in color, shape, position, align, size and smile correction.


Botox and Fillers

Botox for treatment of temporomandibular joint pain, parafunctional movement of the mandible (truisms and clenching), headache due to masticatory muscles spasm, migraine, hyper-salivation of the parotid salivary gland, limited mouth opening, Bell’s palsy, muscles balancing, Gummy smile correction, Smoker's lines correction, Short hyperactive lip correction, correction of Dropping lip, rejuvenate the smile, Fillers for increasing lip height or volume, Nasolabial line lifting, Black triangle filling in between the teeth, Face Profile improvement.

root canal treatments

Root Canal Treatments

Repair your decayed or infected tooth with our efficient root canal treatments and prevent the spread of infection or decay to the adjacent teeth.



Fillings are best for repairing broken or decayed teeth. There are different types of fillings such as porcelain, gold or composite, depending on your need.

dental Implants

Dental Implants

It is advisable not to leave gaps after getting a tooth extracted as it can deteriorate the jawbone. Dental implants help in filling these gaps with artificial teeth.  

oral surgeries

Minor Oral Surgeries

We provide minor surgical treatments to deal with problems of wisdom tooth, impacted teeth, apicoectomy, biopsy and similar oral surgeries.

preventive treatment

Preventive Treatment

Our skilled, professional dentist offers preventive dentistry to improve your oral health and lower the risk of developing serious dental problems.

Clear aligners

Clear Aligners

If you are looking for a discreet orthodontic treatment rather than the traditional braces, clear aligners are an effective alternative in this case.

dental crown and bridges

Dental Crown & Bridges

Crown bridges are irremovable devices attached onto existing teeth or implants to fill gaps, enhance appearance, cover a tooth with root canal, protect weak tooth fracture, etc. 

removable dentures

Removable Dentures 

Now smile more with perfect fitting removable dentures and experience an enhanced appearance, improved speech and oral health. 

pediatric treatments

Pediatric Treatments

Get your kids' teeth checked regularly for common dental problems like cavities, tooth decay, early tooth loss, thumb-sucking and the like. 

routine dental cleaning

Routine Dental Cleaning

Our skilled, professional dentists diagnose and treat your overall dental health including gum care, extraction, whitening, scaling and polishing.

emergency dental treatment

Emergency Treatment

We offer dental care for sudden emergencies such as tooth aches, infection, dead tooth, dental fractures, tooth chipping, cracked or split tooth, etc.


"Best root canal service at affordable prices. Highly recommended."

Shah Agha Khan 

Reviewer 1

" I went for dental implants and the treatment was very effective and not costly. "

Karim Mohammad 

Reviewer 2

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